PC-HARD® RT is a strong and durable polyurethane-cement floor, resistant to chemical substances and temperatures reaching up to 110°C. It is designed for medium and heavy operating conditions.

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  • It is resistant to chemical agents found in production processes, operating fluids and cleaning agents
  • It has a slip-resistant surface, which significantly increases the level of user safety
  • It has high mechanical resistance, which ensures long-term operation
  • It has unique bacteriostatic properties
  • It has high resistance to constant and instantaneous temperatures
  • It is recommended for wet and dry production processes
  • Floor durability extends the service life of concrete substrates
  • There is a wide variety of colours
  • It does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC), ensuring the safety of employees and the working environment
  • It is hygienic and easy to keep clean
  • It has a thickness of 5 mm
  • Colours according to the Lainer colour chart available on request