E VERS® COMPACT ASis an epoxy, very durable, solvent-free, trowel floor system with anti-static properties.

Anti-electrostatic floor

E VERS® COMPACT AS is a floor that provides protection against static electricity.

The structure of E VERS® COMPACT AS floors is designed to provide protection against static electricity, proper discharge of static electricity to the earth ground and to increase the level of safety of facility users..
E VERS® COMPACT AS floor is used for:
  • Explosive zones and rooms,
  • Zones and rooms with explosive atmospheres,
  • Facilities where the protection of electronic devices against electrostatic discharge is required,
  • Facilities where personnel anti-shock protection is required. 
It protects against static electricity..
  • E VERS® COMPACT AS meets standardized requirements for protection against static electricity in the scope of::
    • Protection against static electricity for potentially explosive areas according to PN-E-050204:1994
    • Protection against static electricity in areas with an explosive atmosphere according to IEC/TS 60079-32-1:2013
    • Protection against static electricity in rooms where activities with the use of electronic devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge are performed according to PN-EN 61340-5-1:2015
    • Electric anti-shock protection for personnel operating low voltage electrical equipment up to 250V
Chemical resistance..
  • E VERS® COMPACT AS floor is resistant to chemical substances that may occur in production processes, such as:
    • saturated NaCl solution,
    • ethanol,
    • nitric acid
    • acetic acid,
    • lactic acid,
    • sodium hydroxide,
    • potassium hydroxide,
    • ammonia.
Slip resistance.
  • E VERS® COMPACT AS has a slip-resistant surface, which significantly increases the level of user safety
Mechanical resistance
  • The E VERS® COMPACT AS floor has high mechanical resistance, such as impact, compressive, abrasion resistance, ensuring long-term and trouble-free operation,
  • It tolerates loads related to in-plant traffic and transport.
Easy to keep clean
  • The composition of E VERS® COMPACT AS floors provides an easy-to-clean surface, which significantly improves the working and use conditions of the facility.
  • Water resistant floor, allows wet cleaning of the surface.
  • Smooth surface prevents the penetration of dirt into the floor.
Durable and aesthetic
  • The floor is very durable and resistant to external factors associated with vehicle traffic, which significantly extends the service life of the substrates,


  • Key features of the system
  • Colours

E VERS® COMPACT AS provides protection against static electricity in accordance with European and Polish standards.

  • Antistatic
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to clean
  • Meets high hygiene requirements
  • Colours according to the Lainer colour chart available on request.