Parking Lot Systems

Parking Lot Systems

Check our line of P FLEX® PARK epoxy and polyurethane floors to protect parking lot and garage pavements.

P FLEX® PARK floors protect the pavements of underground and multi-storey car parks, i.e. the spaces continuously exposed to mechanical factors, changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Additionally, the floors must be able to bear static and dynamic loads caused by the vehicles and contact with chemical compounds contained in salt, oils and operating fluids.

The above factors make it necessary for the concrete floor of the parking lot to be specially protected to ensure long-term and safe use of the pavement.

Our product range includes flexible P FLEX® PARK polyurethane systems and a slightly more rigid E VERS® SL epoxy system.

The group of P FLEX® PARK systems covers three polyurethane floors of different intended use:

  • P FLEX® PARK 100 – indoor pavements not exposed to UV radiation;
  • P FLEX® PARK 200 – outdoor pavements exposed to UV radiation which require tightness;
  • P FLEX® PARK 300 – inclined planes and ramps.

P FLEX® PARK floors show very high resistance to abrasion and they can bear heavy mechanical and chemical loads. What is more, they are non-slip, easy to clean and add to the aesthetic appeal of a parking lot. P FLEX® PARK 200 system has a high-flexibility P FLEX® PARK ELASTIC membrane able to bridge scratches which may appear in the concrete substrate.

Are you about to renovate, build or design a new structure and do not know which P FLEX® PARK system suits your application? Contact us. Our technical service will help you select the best solution tailored to your needs.

  • E VERS® SL
    Industrial dyed epoxy resin-based floating screed of high aesthetic value.
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  • P FLEX® PARK 100
    The parking system intended to protect garages, underground parking lots and intermediate floors of open parking lots.
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  • P FLEX® PARK 200
    Parking system with a layer of flexible P FLEX® ELASTIC membrane designed to protect garages, underground parking lots and open parking lots, resistant to UV radiation.
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  • P FLEX® PARK 300
    Parking system intended to protect inclined pavements in garages, underground and open parking lots resistant to UV radiation.
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    It is a polyurethane paint resistant to abrasion intended for painting lines and marking on the parking lot surface. Easy to clean.
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