Industrial systems

Industrial systems

We present Lainer E VERS®, highly durable and aesthetic industrial floors which provide safety and reliability of use.

E VERS® epoxy floors are very durable floor systems intended to protect concrete pavements exposed to heavy traffic at industrial plants and warehouses.

E VERS® floor is a unique product which shows high resistance to mechanical loads, resistance to abrasion and long-term colour stability. Additionally, E VERS® SL features high gloss.

Intense traffic of fork lift trucks and pallet trucks, chemicals and cleaning with pressure washers cause wear of unprotected concrete surfaces. Therefore, durable surface protection is highly recommended. E VERS® industrial floors provide a solution as the floors can be applied in a number of industries and construction areas.

E VERS® industrial floors are available with smooth or non-slip surface. They are easy to clean and available in numerous colours and finish types.

If you do not know which E VERS® system will suit you best, contact us and our technical service will assist you in selecting the best solution tailored to your needs.

    Very durable industrial floor based on colourless epoxy resin and dyed quartz aggregate.
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  • E VERS® SL
    Industrial dyed epoxy resin-based floating screed of high aesthetic value.
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  • E VERS® WP
    E VERS® WP is an epoxy-based diffusion open water paint intended for use in the rooms of low pedestrian traffic, i.e. warehouses, technical or utility rooms.
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