Food Industry Systems

Food Industry Systems

We present PC HARD®, extremely durable, robust and antimicrobial polyurethane and cement floors.

Floors for food, chemical and pharmaceutical plants include mainly PC HARD® polyurethane and cement-based floors, but also E VERS® epoxy floors.

That Lainer floor system is designed for protecting surfaces at food manufacturing and processing plants, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, i.e. the areas of extreme operating conditions with water temperature reaching 120 °C.

Our chemists have developed a unique composition of resin systems since we know importance of the floors at any production plant and we are aware that it is essential for them to be safe, durable and reliable. Our seamless PC HARD® and E VERS® floors systems meet all, even the most stringent durability, usability and aesthetic requirements.

Floors of PC HARD® line boast very high mechanical and chemical resistance and, which is of utmost importance, can be applied on concrete already 8 days after it is set. This significantly shortens the unavailability time for rooms requiring renovation where new floor screed is to be made.

The unique composition of PC HARD® polyurethane and cement-based floors prevent the development of bacterial flora on the surface. PC HARD® are resistant to the traffic of fork lift and pallet trucks, aggressive chemicals and cleaning with the use of pressure washers.

PC HARD® floors can be widely used at production and processing plants of meat, poultry, fish, baking, confection, diary, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Are you about to renovate, build or design a new structure and do not know which system suits your application? Contact us. Our technical service will help you select the best solution tailored to your needs.

    Very durable industrial floor based on colourless epoxy resin and dyed quartz aggregate.
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  • E VERS® SL
    Industrial dyed epoxy resin-based floating screed of high aesthetic value.
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  • PC HARD® K2
    Non-slip, polyurethane and cement-based floor of the thickness of 6 to 12 mm made using spatula system.
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    Non-slip, polyurethane and cement-based floor with high-roughness additive, featuring an additional sealing layer of the total thickness of 5 to 6 mm.
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    Smooth, self-smoothing polyurethane and cement-based floor of the thickness of 3 to 6 mm, resistant to low mechanical load.
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