We are a Polish producer of state-of-the-art flooring systems.

LAINER is a company with more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge which provides its customers with innovative solutions in the field of top-quality epoxy floors.
First of all, we are a well-coordinated team of highly qualified professionals, ready to face any challenge. Our long-term experience, specialisation and competence constitute the foundation of our company, and the quality of our flooring systems is recognised and valued by a growing number of both local and foreign customers. We use top professional equipment and technical resources to make sure that our products are reliable, consistent with global technologies, and that they comply with the highest standards.
We have already gained the trust of leading producers, contractors and private investors, and with our innovative and unique systems we rank high among producers of epoxy floors.

Our offer is addressed to the customers who focus on the high quality of products. We do our best to ensure that our products meet your requirements in all aspects, with a minimum impact on the natural environment.

Our epoxy flooring systems can be used in the following spaces:
  • production plants;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical plants;
  • industrial plants, including in heavy industry;
  • food production and processing plants,
  • high-bay warehouses, hangars and halls;
  • underground and outdoor parking areas;
  • public facilities;
  • transport roads and airports;
  • shopping centres.